Base of Aircraft Data (BADA) Interface

In order to request a BADA Licence (BADA 3/ BADA 4) or to obtain a BADA licence for a tool * requiring BADA, you must first be a registered user of the EUROCONTROL OneSky Online.

OneSky Online is EUROCONTROL's Extranet that is part of EUROCONTROL's website where content can be accessed by authorised users only.

Once your OneSky account will be created, you will be able to connect to EUROCONTROL’s Extranet where the list of Services to which you have access to will be provided, amongst which the “BADA User Interface”.

Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hrs before you can see the link to connect to the “BADA User Interface” page!

To make a request for BADA click on the “BADA User Interface” and follow the instructions.

* the following tools require a BADA licence approval:
  • AEDT
  • AEST
  • TAAM
  • Other tools

Licence request User Guides :

pdf BADA family 3 & 4
pdf Other tools where BADA is integrated
pdf Quick guide to request BADA and Licence request worklfows

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